Mike Nathan got his start in jewelry in Johannesburg, South Africa.  Following in his father's footsteps, he did his European Apprentice at his fathers jewelry factory.  After 4 years, Mike opened his own Jewelry Store, Misane,  where he has created and worked with many amazing people and events.  Being involved with designing a leading Golf Tourament Trophy, designing and creating an award for the Gold Mines in South Africa, to working with stars, Mike's talents in design, quality and craftsmanship is superior.

Mike has been in Dallas, Texas for just on 30 years and has prided himself on his ability to design just what you are thinking of - between your ideas, his ability to put that on paper, and then create it into a gold, platinum or silver masterpiece - Mike brings your design to life!

Another benefit working with Mike and Misane Jewelry is that he is not a retail jewelry store.   Mike works hard to find you good deals and passes them on to you.  Mike has his gemology certification, so you know when you buy a diamond from Misane Jewelry, you are getting a certified diamond.  All purchases include an appraisal.

6757 Arapaho Road, Suite 767, Dallas, Texas  75248
Phone:  (972) 387-1063